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A sandbox coding environment, desktop app, inspired by CodePen and JSFiddle

CodeBox - A desktop app, inspired by CodePen and JSFiddle | Product Hunt

What is CodeBox


CodeBox is a coding environment with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript editors with a live preview panel to show what the code would look like in the browser

Why use CodeBox?


  • CodeBox is better than the editors in CodePen and JSFiddle because CodeBox features the same editor used in VS Code.
  • This means that it has autocomplete, syntax highlighting, and a lot of other features that we all know and love from VS Code.
  • Furthermore, it features hot reload which means, you don't have to press Ctrl/Cmd + S to show the code in the preview panel. It reloads automatically every time a key is pressed!

Frequently asked questions

Does CodeBox require a subscription?

Nope. CodeBox is completely open-source and free to use!

With what technologies is CodeBox made?

CodeBox is made using the Electron framework and the JavaScript language


CodeBox works on Windows, MacOS, and Linux

What's CodeBox's Privacy Policy?

We do not collect any data at all!

Still have questions? Get in touch. Got feedback or ideas for CodeBox? We're all ears! Come share them with us over on Github.